Serve You

by Gaa

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recorded on cassette at random


released September 9, 2016

shariloo- bass, guitar, wordyrappinghood, drums
suns dog- drums 1, 8,9,10,17,19,,22,24,26,28,31,34, guitar, 18,27,33wordyrappinghood 4, 14, 18,27,33
Tahn June- Bass 1,8,9,10,17,19,22,24,26,28,31,34 keys



all rights reserved


Gaa Olympia, Washington

Keith Haring sees us naked

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Track Name: p.i.g, right peg?
they say now pegs got the reigns but does she have the brains now
christ is heading down south and shes switching lanes and pegs got the reigns now pegs got the masters whip and the masters cane but does she have the brains now NO
Track Name: got nuthin on me
the government aint got nuthin on me
im sitting swinging neath my tree
black cat she mews at my knee she say
it aint hard you just got believe
well someones got the money but it aint me
rules and regulations they got nuthing on me
salvation she knows what i need
shes a black cat she mews at my knee she say
it aint hard once you can see
well someones got the key and ya kno its you and me
Track Name: long line, the abyss of time, youve caught me
Ive been gone now!

The long line youve caught me the abyss of time
Track Name: bird
feather of one million of soul
everyone sees but no one knows
im waiting to be just like you
so i can do just as you do
not a care in the world
make yr nest in the burl
feather of one million of soul
Track Name: aint just one color
yellows hello
blues how do you do
red says 'wheres yr head'
green says ' in my shoe!'
white says 'no'
black says 'why?'
tan says 'get back!"
browns down fore he can even cry
we aint just one color
we aint just one thing
we is everything wrapped into a ring
so put down the gun and start to sing
cuz this aint forever
we all got love to bring
Track Name: i felt a stare
i felt a stare
blue was tracing my steps thru the museum
empty watchful waiting
like a yard dog begging for my home
but i gotta be left alone
i slip away hoping you lose my sent
but that was back when i could get full on paintings
and i was alll red
you could tell and wanted some for yourself
but i gotta get home
yeah someone oughta take me
oh i gotta get home
maybe if you let me know
and we let something go
we wont have to be so hungry
Track Name: big big blood
if i fell out of my head and into the sky
wouldnt stop to ask no one why
just keep floating high on high
shouting down welp you knew we had to die

i feel the turf beneath us i turn to follow it
i see the space go by us it goes on within // without us
behold the sky is molding out of the great grey slate
steel giants are holding their ground and we got nuthin to say

theyre making homes out of big big blood
theyre making homes out of harnessed moon beam
theyre making homes out of big big blood
theyre making homes out of harassed thought stream
we're floating down rivers run green
shouting the means in what it means to kill stream
leaning, sleeping against yr garden post thats where i'll be
Track Name: dead living lady
imma wait till the sun goes down get my fill n be gone
cuz im a dead living lady they just look while im away
im a dead living lady they just just look the other way
my mind tumbling down
ennui spun me
stuck we
Track Name: burning core dub
is it really so simple? yes.
shoot burning wisps across the sky
into my eye
into my mind
buring spiral staircase
down and out
faked my own
mind out
of existence
swallows gallons of self
pity pouring down
my throut
numbing poison
congealing in my veins
solidified my brain
driven myself insane
there you were a loving friend
witness to my end
but also a mirror
reflective heart reflex
drench me
the truths liquid fury
burning core // burning fast
eyes asking for more
acid seeping from my soul
bitter tongue drunk
with fear and loathing
auto pilot no.focus
always sprawling out
over and thru wandering in the orchard
there is no light in the orchard
no fruit is left on the branch
is the fruit suspended in liquid?
is it frozen in ice?
"you're standing still, love!"
Track Name: lets get in a line
everybodys walking on the wrong side of the road
everybodys talking like theres nothing left to explore
everybodyds looking cuz this cant be ignored

waiting to help them up
jumping to hit the ground
lets get in a line
if the shoe fits well fine

1 is nothing
2 is only this
3 is never
4 is in yr kiss
5 is when yu get yr feel
6 is when theres nothing still
7 is right down the hill
8 is sideways when yr killed
9 is when i get mine
10 is right down the line
Track Name: pig interlude
see the pig drive by say what do you say?
oink oink
Track Name: colossal curmudgeon
something about colossal curmudgeon
waking me up and giving me nothing
feeding me and burping me and still i want something
making eyes and telling lies
the thing in me
that i despise
mm mm mmmm
Track Name: crush me
crush me go ahead and crush me beneath yr boots
tied up with loves lace
and i thank you
its a wake up slap // its a love tap
Track Name: Wesley Boyo!
Track Name: nothing everything anything
eternity's at the ends of this room
the four eyes from the one womb
lay their gaze upon us proud
as the jelly dogs breathe, they sweep us in out
they paint our bellys gold
they give us what it means to be sold
the tide rolls out gives us time to shout
we need a chance to be! we need a chance to see!
nothing replys " you cant just want you got to believe you can just grieve leave yr problems in yr sleeve hold the reasons in yr sleep cmon on now listen to the night even in the day it hums all right saying all there is to be say the darkness cant weigh yr way collect the suns quiet rays and for what nothing gives you you shall no pay now lets here what everything has to say!"
everything comes down with a black hole siphoning in its chest
saying that we all know whats best
and that we can just guess the rest
anything gets the last say "just relax youll be okay!"
Track Name: gobbledeeguk
if these mountains could hear
theyd just vomit
all the truth and proof
of what we do to them
alll the gobbledeeguk
Track Name: (not leaving my soul) in the doldrums
im not leaving my soul in the doldrums no
Track Name: wading thru jelly
wading thru jelly
soft as a belly
i meet my creator shes got one thing to tell me
'a layer of yr skin so i can begin'
a bed of moss ripples ever turn n toss neath colossal spark slow burn slow churn
black jewels with a blue shine
they meet in air
the crystal stare
the robins bath and the winged flowers path
beauty erect higher than man could know without god damn machine
the means what it means to be clean
Track Name: Ripples of Love Revisited
a spark flew out of the sun
you are what came of
ripples of love
did i mention
do i care
cud i describe you standing there
did i mention cud i describe
all i see in you with just one mind
Track Name: woke up and the clock said money was love
i woke up and the clock said money was love
the concrete gave you what yr dreaming of
the sun sets on our street i told ya
that where our souls meet i told ya
we all hate the concrete i told ya
but it makes us who we are i told ya
i woke up and he said silence was death
the sun fades out as if to say what else you got left
Track Name: love//book//dream
last night i dreamt that i was making love, you were there, in the room, reading, just reading a book