me or you

by Gaa

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cuz im a hip priest!


released March 11, 2016

Suns Dog- bass 3, guitar 6,7,8 drums 1,2,4,5,9,10 casio 2,4
Sharilou- guitar 1, 4,5,9,10 tom shaker tambourine 3,6,7,8



all rights reserved


Gaa Olympia, Washington

Keith Haring sees us naked

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Track Name: field behind the fence
the field is my desert i shall not want
the air goes light and up i rise
my eyes fixated on the zigzag star
she slips she slides just like rocknroll
we voice in unison her in a bark
i in a sigh
lets it always
let it all ways
rise rise rise
rise rise rise
Track Name: like a road
like a road i just cant stop
i clutch her neck
smooth like boa
the love pours out the tips of these tiny towers
she'll holler into the open filling and expanding the realm of knowledge
this great commune 0 ication
the language of bable needs no tongue/ swallowed by any ear
digest resolved which brings new life to this chain of space
movement whirling dervish energy spirit wave
Track Name: rawwar (there is more)
raw/war we stand for more at core its cherry. fire. funeral pyre - fed by the buyer. bed at the star center of this generation with no imagination. we've burned all translation. treason/medication. its not lost its stuck in their distraction with no reaction. this takes concentration. the desire to mark the desire to save. side- step. crave. fragments. Jelly. held up. Belly. cell me. Tell me. Spell thee. shell thee. find be within thee. origins decree this aint free this aint free rawwar stand to be. do not quell the knawings to flee you are free rawwar stand to be
the ardour of the green it fleets it beams its our inner/outer streams dont not underestimate its ability to understand
Track Name: moving on (hes knows there's more)
in the mind a great pressure wool and fog i feel pain nor pleasure crickity cracks redirect my thought stream and the flux just falls endlessly to nowhere a light just flickers and i catch a wave a glimpse the mere picture of a troubled boy scarlet but more he pets the field with his bare soles he knows there's more death by control he suffers a great disconnection my heads out the window profile to the moon dawn's around the corner nebulous flower in bloom
Track Name: savage contempt (she knows there's more)
savage contempt a liar in sheeps clothing i'll tear right through
and dont ya know the 7th son bore the 2nd daughter the one to change the reason see through vision complete communication she lets her eyes rise in the skies
old tobacco starts up the lies 'you know little sister there aint nothing up there nothing beyond you and i'
she starts whipping her head like crazy writhing and grasping in the grass
whiskey Bill joins in 'looks like Mad Mary lost her baby Mad Mary with the misplaced mind Tutti Frutti Tits aint so sweet anymore' this sugars dissolved just skin and bone
but she knows there's more
she didnt come to score
she knows there's more
she found the mainline sans needle all divine
theres a certain wisdom soaks in your skin with the silge youre sleeping in
Rawwar this more speak with the tongue of babel use it for what its for
revolution of the mind
construction of the pyramids
concentrating eye
the heroin folds her hands and knees neath the tree of threes
mither stings the skin
wind licks her cheeks
wave petting shore
there is more
she stands where god lies
Track Name: few and far
awake but unconscious numb and nauseas
i watch them all become one
lets pledge allegiance to the ones that chained us here seeing stars and stripes under our lids plastic covered kids
jerking jesters keep you wake slipping secrets till you quake
let you lying left to rupt
empty earth both ends up
null void and vacant i hunch in my row
sucking through the straw all they know
noxious nebula pours from their lips
slither out our mothers hips
and it pools in our guts and rots up our nether
we'll never know there was anything better
neuter our souls may they not escape this doldrum
odd degree dharma shot through our veins

we refuse to be fattened and sold
not a thing in vain
its in our palms
path broad and wide
with thank in our eyes
we're born of tide in which we ride
it seems these others have died
sunk below the pride lies
but let us be their guide
to where we must find
unity within our minds
unity within our minds
you can be it too all of you