liver hips and thighs fire air where the water lies sea green and silver centaur in the sky

by Gaa

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released May 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Gaa Olympia, Washington

Keith Haring sees us naked

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Track Name: my legs remind and the whirring prevents me
my legs prevent and the whirring reminds me
7 udders sacred cow they pull at her suck her drip gold on the river ferryman's trip
beings belong to one death
Track Name: human woman man man man man
emotions the be all end all of human woman man man
the can to my cant
the true story was a lie
they said get back wait here give in give up or get out
stand now in a place time forgotten
do the closest understand me or is that something that cant be
there's something in there for you for me
give it up
beings belong to one death
be/ing brings it back to life
it wont be long till u can feel it
waking up beside my self
im see thru i see thru i see thru you
human woman man man man man
am i free tell me am i free
i got an appetite for obedience
and thats something you cant take away
cuz it was already fed to me
Track Name: dog damn
dried locust out of focus no one noticed how could they notice my yellow bones scrawling in air in/out chair searching for a memory a caged husk moment of dusk i fed myself there was no reason to im an idea thats all i am come closer and i'll tell you there was no reason to im a shell too you already knew im an idea thats all i am
a crack unwinds it so quickly i'll reap what i sow if you cant feel it say so they're something else cant let go they're all thats ever known me but they cant see if for me they're all thats ever seen me but they cant feel it for me
find the shapes yr in
dog damn patience weight of skin when i get there let me in